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Updated: 09/14/17


Mission Statement Ė Residential and Commercial

Computer Repair/Electronics Setup
Our goal is to setup or fix the problem as quickly, professionally, and inexpensively as possible, treating your equipment as if it is our own. If the equipment isnít good enough for us to use, itís not good enough for the customer. Our Technicians are trained professionals, A+ certified with many years of experience, living right here in Fountain Hills.


Customer Service
There are three absolutes guiding our service philosophy shared between the owner and our employees;

  1. We absolutely love computers and all manner of electronic gizmos, treating them as if they were our own.

  2. We absolutely love fixing and setting up computers, whether itís a hardware or software issue to computer and network concepts, from a single home system to a large network of multiple systems at a companyís headquarters.

  3. We absolutely love helping people and the rewards that come with making their lives easier and happier, when the customer is completely satisfied knowing we did it right the first time, treating them as if they were part of our own family, and serving our customers professionally in all manner of their computer needs.

Business Policy

We emphasize on our service quality and Client/Customer satisfaction. As a result, we depend on verbal or written agreements as contracts that make it as easy as possible for those who acquire our services. We do not keep or store customer private information such as log-in information or passwords. It is the responsibility of our Customers to keep their own records related to this subject. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at anytime.


Changes of services and/or policy notifications

Our service policy may change at anytime. If our policies, services, or prices change, we will strive to inform our Clients personally however, it is ultimately the responsibility of everyone to be informed of these changes by visiting our website at Changes can be found by clicking the "Service Policy" link in the left menu.


Guarantees, Warranties, Product Orders/Returns


We strive to succeed in your satisfaction with our services. If we do not have a solution regarding your service call, there will be no charge for that service. The minimum charge of $150 will still apply if the customer declines service after a solution with an estimate is given. We do not offer credits or refunds, or any other form of favors for the satisfied completion of services rendered.



If you aren't satisfied with our services, let us know and you will not be billed for the service performed. It is the responsibility of any dissatisfied Client to notify us before we send out an invoice to qualify for this guarantee with the exception of services that take longer than 7 days to complete and any travel charges.


Information sent to us for website updates are normally completed within 24-48 hours. It may take longer during holidays and/or when holidays coincide with weekends.



Any and all products (routers, modems, networking equipment, cables, etc.) that are in stock are sold with a 15 day return policy if the product is defective, unless otherwise noted on the receipt, sales tag, or mentioned by us at the time of the sale. Products can be returned for a full refund within 15 days of original purchase in new condition with original receipt, packaging, and accessories if product is defective, unless otherwise noted on the sales tag or receipt. Software, media, and computers cannot be returned if opened. 2nd hand items cannot be returned and are sold "as is" without any warranty or guarantee at the sole risk of the customer.


Products that are not in stock and are special ordered on behalf of the Customer require payment in full for the products at the time of order and the products cannot be returned.


Payments & Billing Policy

We accept payments of USD cash, U.S. Check, U.S. Money Order, U.S. Cashiers Check,  Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa.


If the total amount due is not received by the due date, a $15 late fee may be assessed. 30 days past due may result in account & service suspension. Account suspension will result in website and e-mail shut down on hosted accounts and/or refusal of service until total amount due is paid. 60 days past due may result in account & service termination. Account termination will result in website and e-mail deletion, including all backups on hosted accounts and/or refusal of service until total amount due is paid.


All payments made will go toward the earliest unpaid invoices. A $40.00 charge may be billed to any account with each returned check for that account. Additional service and attorney fees may also be charged to any account which is 60 days past due if an outside agency is used to collect any debts.



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